For the first time this year the UT is offering courses in kettlebell sport. The kettlebell is an iron cast ball with a handle on it, which is often used in gyms and crossfit boxes as training equipment. In the sport, the goal is to get as many repetitions in 10 minutes of a certain movement in one of these three disciplines:

1. Snatch
2. Long cycle (clean and jerk) 
3. Biathlon (one 10-minute set of jerk and one 10-minute set of snatch) 

Kettlebell sport is an unique combination of endurance and strength in which almost all patterns of movement are represented (squatting, pushing, pulling, and bending), which makes it a very complete workout. The weights with which you can train, range from 6 to 24 kg, so this course is suited for people of all fitness levels. 

During this first course we will focus on the basics of kettlebell sports. At the end you will be able to do a 10-minute snatch set with a weight suited for your own fitness level and strength.


Thursday 17:00h - 18:00h


6 February


9/10 weeks


€25,= UnionCard holders
€35,= CampusCard holders


SC 4


Mirjam Koehorst


  1. 2 September to 8 November
  2. 11 November to 31 January(with the exception of the Christmas holidays 24 December - 6 January)
  3. 3 February to 10April
  4. 13 April to 15 June 


The online registration will start two weeks before the start of the course. Login to the DMS website and click for the courses on What’s on offer.

All information about the registration can be found here.

More information?
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