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Judo beginner course

Learn the basics of Judo with the judo beginners course

Judo is a Japanese self-defence sport which helps you to train more than only body and mind. The Judo techniques are meant to make sure that an opponent is not able to continue a fight, without wounding him/her. Hitting or kicking an opponent is therefore not allowed during a Judo match. 

Aside from developing fighting techniques, Judo is also about having respect for each other and this is also coming back during a Judo match. You will learn techniques about how you can make an opponent fall with care so you are not wounding anyone. 

During the course you will learn the following basics elements of Judo: 

- Basic throws and basic grips. 
- Standing up after a fall.
- How to drop your opponent.
- Improve your balance and pose.
- Rules and guidelines of Judo.
- Respect towards each other and each others body.

Program 2021-2022


Friday 18:30h - 19:30h


19 November




€25,- for UnionCard holders (students) 

€35,-for CampusCard holders (employees UT and others) 




Erik Laarman


1. 6 September - 14 November
2. 15 November - 6 February
3. 7 February - 24 April
4. 25 April - 3 July


The online registration will start two weeks before the start of the course. Login to the DMS website and click for the courses on What’s on offer.

All information about the registration can be found here.

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