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(If camping grounds is required for overnight stay, please contact the Event Office by mail: )

If you want to rent one of the accommodations below, there are additional safety aspects. This means a certificated instructor/UT lifeguard needs to be hired.

Do you need aditional facilities like, sleeping place, use of equipment, instructors, catering, climbingwalls or use of the swimmingpools?

4.1 Description reservation

If you would like to organize an activity outside official opening hours or stay overnight, further details will be discussed at the intake appointment. One of the details will be about the presence of the University Emergency Response Teams (BHV). For this we will ask you to notify the Events Office using the event notifier.

Please give us a description of the catering. If you want specific details about the catering, you can contact Hellen van de Water (053-489 1136,

The Sports Centre gives the possibility to hire instructors for the guidance of your activity. Please let us know below which day/time and for which sport you want to hire an instructor.

Give a short description and the number of equipment you need.