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Awaves music in the fitness

We have a new way of playing music in our fitness! A startup from the University of Twente called Awaves will be generating music based on the preferences of the people in the fitness. If you are in the fitness, you can vote which genre you would like to hear for the next song.

Below you can find the steps on how to vote for your genre of music in the gym: 

1. Scan the QR-code which is visible on the tv-screen in the fitness or go to https://play.awaves.dj/choose.
2. Enter the room code for the gym. You can ask the fitness coach for the room code. Our coaches are available from 16:00h - 22:00h on weekdays (Friday from 16:00h - 19:00h). 
3. You can now choose your genre of music. 

Awaves is a startup and therefore would also appreciate your feedback. You can fill out the survey on the following link: s.id/AwavesPlayFeedback

Music from Awaves will be playing automatically in the fitness. This means that if a room code is not available when there are no fitness coaches around, Awaves will still be able to provide the music in the fitness.