General information


The University of Twente offers a range of accommodations for both indoor and outdoor sports and in special circumstances we use remote locations. In the Sports Center are two large sports halls and four gymnasiums, there is a complete Fitness Center and even a small indoor swimming pool. There are several modern equipped changing rooms and there's a great sport canteen. It is possible to make reservations for our accommodations. For more information about the availibilty of our accommodations go to the free/busy schedule. If you want to make a reservation click here.

On Campus there is a heated outdoor swimming pool with six lanes, a wading pool for toddlers, a surrounding lawn and a pleasant sun terrace with kiosk.

In the summer of 2015 there is a track applied with three tartan tracks, three asphalt courts, a long-jump sandpit, a boot camp area and in the middle there is a lawn with discus cage.

Located directly next to the Sports Center is a survival course to practice climbing. On the side wall of building Sky is a 28 meters high outdoor climbing wall and a low boulder wall. There are two basketball fields with official dimensions behind the Sports Center. In addition, there are beach volleyball and beach handball courts, including nets and goals and there's baseball training platform in the same area.

There is a multipurpose turf field, appointed to play football, hockey and basketball. There is also a separate hockey field, a multipurpose lawn that can be used for all kinds of sports and a Manege Field and Far Field, both specifically designed for training or competitions.

For people who like to play tennis there are six hard courts and four artificial grass courts along with a tennis pavilion, where the dressing rooms and the canteen are located.

To the Twente channel is the water sports complex of the Student Union with of course a corresponding bar. The building has a boat workshop, a sailmaker, a paint shop, changing rooms and there is a room with ergometers.

Some remote locations are used as well, especially by some student sports association, for example for speed skating and equestrian.

More information about specific sports accommodations can be found below by clicking on the relevant accommodation.