Flow for future (I)

Panta rhei – everything flows. The ocean, the atmosphere, cryogenic fuels in industrial plants, or, on a small scale: viruses and the blood running through our veins. Fluid Dynamics is everywhere around and inside us, ranging from nanometers to astrophysical scales. This year UT’s Physics of Fluids group celebrates its 25th birthday and treats you to four perspectives on fluid dynamics. With: prof. Dr. Detlef Lohse (UT) - Flow for future; Dr. Anna von der Heydt (UU) - Dynamical systems approaches to climate response and climate tipping; prof. Dr. Devaraj van der Meer (UT) - Flowing energy: the challenges of cryogenic fuels and Dr. Hanneke Gelderblom (TUe) - Flow for health: The fluid dynamics of disease transmission. In cooperation with Arago, Alembic, Newton and KIVI Students Twente.

On November 7th there is another interesting program about fluid dynamics, please click here for more information.



A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting staff