Flow for future (II)

Panta rhei – everything flows. The ocean, rivers, or, on the smaller scale: inkt in printers. Fluid Dynamics is everywhere around and inside us, ranging from nanometer to astrophysical scales. This year the UT’s Physics of Fluids-group celebrates its 25th birthday and treats you on four perspectives on fluid dynamics. Prof dr Detlef Lohse (UT) - Flow for future; prof dr Suzanne Hulscher (UT) – Adapting river and coastal flows to future climate conditions; prof dr Daniel Bonn (UvA) – Flow for food and agro and dr Tim Segers (UT) – Flow for fast and reliable inkjet printing. In cooperation with Arago, Alembic, Newton and KIVI Students Twente. Lectures in Dutch.



A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting staff