Student mobility (internship e.a.)

Exchange semester abroad

Being a student in the MSc programmes Mechanical Engineering or Sustainable Energy Technology, you have the possibility to study abroad for half a year. Contrary to an exchange period during an BSc programme in the first half of the third year, for which you can choose a huge variety of subjects, your choice of subjects during an exchange period in your master’s programme is restricted to certain fields. After all, the subjects you choose should fit within the chosen specialisation. This means that in order to have your chosen subjects integrated into your exam, you need approval of your graduation professor.

If you're thinking about going abroad for half a year, what should you do?

  • have a look at the faculty pages regarding student mobility; perhaps you'll find some (extra) arguments to go abroad which you hadn't thought of ...
  • have a chat with the exchange coordinator during one of the consultation hours to talk about the possibilities

When you want to go for it:

  • check/talk with your professor to find out if (s)he agrees with your rough plans. If so:
  • find your most interesting university among the partner universities of our faculty
  • notify your interest to the Student Mobility Centre of our faculty by registering as indicated on 'outgoing students - procedure - course work'.
    Note that registration is strongly advisable.We are striving for getting each applicant to his/her university of first choice (which is not always possible!), but in order to organise this a deadline for registration is essential (see the above mentioned faculty pages). In addition: this deadline is necessary for applying to UT wide partner universities. If you apply after the deadline, you can only choose from the left-over positions.
    In case you have received permission for an exchange period:
  • register in the Student Mobility System (SMS) by creating a so-called "Assignment form" for a "Semester abroad" ("Vakken buitenland")
  • find out which subjects you would like to study. Unfortunately we do not have special "partner information leaflets", so you'll have to find your way around on the webpages of the partner university.
  • make sure you have approval of your list of subjects from your graduation professor
  • register with your list of subjects at the partner university
  • fill in a scholarship application at the website of International Office
  • get a signature on your scholarship application from your departmental exchange coordinator
  • start organising all kinds of practical matters ...
  • once you've arrived at the partner university: do NOT FORGET to go back to the Student Mobility System (SMS) and to fill in a so-called "Notiication form" for a "Semester abroad" ("Vakken buitenland")

After coming back:

  • after coming back home, you can use this form (in Dutch) to have your successfully finished subjects included in your exam programme.