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Looking back at the ERF: “Showing the future of robotics”

From 29 to 30 June, the European Robotics Forum took place in Ahoy Rotterdam. With over 1000 visitors from all over the world, this is one of the most influential robotics and artificial intelligence events in Europe. The University of Twente was present to show its latest robot innovations!

The event was kicked off by UT professor Stefano Stramigioli, chair of the organizing committee and head of the Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM) lab of the University of Twente. According to Stramigioli, the event was a success: “The ERF2022 was a blast and I have received an enormous amount of compliments about the organisation, the space, and the professional set up of the exhibition. Overall, an event of which the UT can be seriously proud of!” Stramigioli hopes more media will pick up on the event in the future: “The public would love to see 'the future of robotics' with their own eyes.”

Prof. dr. Stefano Stramigioli opens the ERF22

A variety of demonstrations

There was plenty to see and discover at the UT stand at the ERF. Several researchers demonstrated their latest robotics innovations, including the UT's newest generation MR-safe breast biopsy robot (Sunram7), a robot avatar with haptic feedback, hand prosthesis, a lifelike robot bird (Robird), touch-sensitive skin, a pipe inspection robot and many more.

Vincent Groenhuis, researcher at the Robotics and Mechatronics group, took care of five different demonstrations: "Being a robotics-focused group, we of course brought a large van full of robots and technical demonstrators to Ahoy Rotterdam". According to Vincent, people were overall really impressed by the innovations, and "the young kids especially had fun playing with the robot controller of the Sunram7".

Massimo Sartori, researcher at the Biomechanical Engineering group, was also present at the UT booth and experienced the event as quite impressive: "The Ahoy venue was spectacular. I interacted with numerous roboticists who were interested in our advancements at the UT and in potential cooperation. I also had the chance to form a better view of the robotics work done in EU. Overall, this has helped to generate more and more interest and enthusiasm in the field of robotics!"

Robotics Centre

The University of Twente was present with its recently established Robotics Centre. With the Robotics Centre, the University of Twente bundles its robotics research in three main domains:

  • Robotics for Healthcare
  • Robotics for Industry
  • Robotics for Society

Read more about the Robotics Centre on our website.