PSTS students have to attend colloquia at the departments of Philosophy and/or STePS, as well as PSTS graduation colloquia, as part of their academic training. This is compulsory throughout the whole programme. Students have to attend at least four colloquia in the first year and four in the second year.

Registration of attendance colloquia: 

Attendance is monitored and registered. Students have to sign the attendance form at the colloquium. In case there is no attendance list present, students have to make their own list with all attendees (incl. date, name of the speaker and topic of the colloquium), and have this list signed by the coordinator of the colloquium (and hand it in at the Educational Affairs Office PSTS). 

The Educational Affairs Office PSTS keeps record of the colloquia a student attended. After 4 have been attended, this will be registered in Osiris with a 'V' (two times: 1-4 and 5-8).