Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference 2020

Thank you for joining the international PHTR Conference!

Between 4 and 7 November 2020, over 500 people attended tens of parallel sessions and keynote sessions. It was a four-day digital event, meant to explore the relations between humans and technologies at the intersection of philosophy, design, ethics, art, and engineering. It was organised by a multidisciplinary group of scholars, chaired by prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek, and digitally hosted by the DesignLab of the University of Twente. The conference intended to bring together scholars in philosophy of technology with the broader field of research in human-technology interaction. 

For who?

The conference reached out to anyone interested in understanding, evaluating and shaping the relations between humans and technology, ranging from philosophers and ethicists of technology to social scientists, humanities scholars, artists, designers, and engineers. We want to bring together a community of people to foster dialogue and creative collaborations on the interactions between humans, technologies and society. 

About DesignLab

DesignLab is a collaborative ecosystem at the University of Twente, that connects science and society through design. Societal challenges from environmental and (ethical) health questions to rapidly evolving technology - bring forward tensions that cannot be resolved with traditional models of innovation. That’s where DesignLab comes into play. DesignLab connects scientific, technological and creative insights, and works on impactful solutions for societal challenges. 


For questions and information please contact Michelle de Boer, project manager Technology and Society, via