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P-NUT WhatsApp Group

P-NUT WhatsApp group

The P-NUT WhatsApp group provides a place for us to talk to each other, look out for each other and contact fellow doctoral candidates for support. You can suggest your ideas (e.g., events to be organized) and get in touch with your peers. After registration, we will add you to the group or you wlil provide a lnk to join the WhatsApp group(s). 

P-NUT has two WhatsApp groups: P-NUT InfoApp and a P-NUT SocialApp. In the P-NUT InfoApp, only a selected number of P-NUT Board member has write access to post announcements and other relevant information. The P-NUT SocialApp is meant for socializing. Please indicate in the registration form which group(s) you would like to join. 

Benefits of Joining the group(s)

  • Ask for help with regulations, or any other related assistance; 
  • Let your peers know if you’re self-isolating so someone can make sure you’re okay; 
  • Get informed about new events sooner than via the P-NUT newsletter; 
  • Initiate events by yourself (e.g., walking on Campus or having a daytrip to a recreation park); 
  • Share (important) updates from official P-NUT sources (e.g., about events, surveys, etc.). 

Some drawbacks of joining the SocialApp

  • We want to caution against the sharing of misinformation or speculation in the group, but we hope it can serve as a useful resource for building an effective support network; 
  • We suggest to mute notifications from this group, as it can be SPAM-intensive. 


  • This platform is intended to serve as a useful resource for building an effective support network. Note that the views and opinions expressed in this WhatsApp group are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of P-NUT or any UT organization.