Read the report on the Dies Natalis 2018 here.

On Friday the 30th of November, we will celebrate the 57th Dies Natalis of the University of Twente. Celebrating one's birthday is a true festivity, looking back on a rich past, while, at the same time, dreaming about all those opportunities that lie ahead of us. We would like you to join us for the Dies Natalis celebration.

Join the 57th Dies Natalis!

High Tech, Human Talent

This year's Dies Natalis is all about talent. Every day, thousands of bright minds find their way to our university campus. For some of them, these are their first steps in the world of sciencetechnologyresearch and business. While exploring new opportunities within their research fields, these students are using and improving their personal skills and uncover talents they never knew they had. Along this journey, it is our task as a university to offer these bright minds ample room for trial and error while we challenge and inspire them to generate ground-breaking ideas which may have a lasting impact on society. The big questions are: what do they need to achieve this? And: can talent be managed?


Organizing the Dies Natalis around the theme of ‘Talent’ has led to a slightly different approach than you might be used to. Instead of giving the floor to one of our senior scientists for a Dies lecture, we invited several young talented researchers to give short and inspiring lectures about their work, their motivation and their inner drive. We hope you are as curious as us to hear their stories.  

Find out more about the programme and learn more on our key speakers.


As mentioned: celebrating one's birthday is a joyful moment. We asked several student associatons to provide the musical decoration of the event. Student Harmony Orchestra SHOT and Vocal Group Musilon will perform live. Also, modern dance production group Arabesque will perform at the Dies.