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TU alumni events - exploring sustainable futures

Technological innovations are essential in the transition to a sustainable future. Last month the 4TU* issued a joint call for innovation, action and cooperation to address pressing global challenges. Alumni living outside of the Netherlands serve an important function in connecting our institutions to other relevant networks as well as being a source of insight on new developments and trends. You are invited to join three special online events for updates on how TU research is transforming healthcare, energy and food production.

During these interactive gatherings you will also have a chance to meet fellow alumni from DEAN** communities in Canada, France, Germany, the Nordics, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. Let's explore together the roles we can all play in realizing a better future!   


Each interactive evening includes brief updates from the universities, followed by a short 15 minute talk by the speaker along with a Q&A session. Per tradition, gatherings conclude with a virtual borrel where you, fellow alumni as well as TU researchers linked to the evening’s topic will be mixed to maximize interactions and stimulate conversations! Make sure to also bring some snacks and drinks.

Registration can be done via this link (sign-ups are processed by the TU Delft Alumni Office)  

>> Monday November 30th 2020, 17.00 - 18.30 (CET)

Offering not just more care, but targeted individualized care! 

Monique Tabak (UT)

Using ICT in healthcare – eHealth – is a promising strategy to improve healthcare worldwide. Every individual, dealing with a condition presents a distinctly unique case, highlighting the need for personalized eHealth technology. How can we benefit from monitoring data and smart analyses to make timely decisions and provide personalized care when needed? Imagine a virtual world of eHealth where care is offered by your virtual coach or within a virtual body. Researchers from the University of Twente’s TechMed Centre use the eHealth House to develop such new forms of smart eHealth technologies. In this simulated living lab, technology is tested in a realistic but controlled setting. UT researcher Monique Tabak gives us a peek into the innovations we can expect to see soon in the real world.

>> Thursday December 10th 2020, 17.00-18:30 (CET)

Countering climate change through behavior!

Gerdien de Vries (TU Delft)

The world is heading towards a new future, with different technologies which people have to get used to. Some innovations may be similar to things we already know while others may be drastically different as in the case of bicycles, e-bikes and the hyperloop. New behavior is hardest to adopt when it involves breaking old habits and researchers from the TU Delft Energy Transition Lab are exploring ways how our human nature can increase the (short-term and long-term) effectiveness of energy-transition policies. Lab Director Gerdien de Vries will share more details about their work as well as the science behind ‘nudges’.

>> Tuesday January 12th 2021, 17.00 - 18.30 (CET)

Producing more with less and better!

Koen Klompe (WUR)

Automation and robotization were until recently primarily used in industry but that knowledge can now also be used in agriculture. Satellite navigation, robots, AI, infrared cameras, drones and sensors in the ground means that cultivating on a micro plot scale is quickly becoming a reality. We are only at the start of what is possible in agriculture with technology precisely measuring what happens in a plant. Is it sick and does it need treatment? Is it too dry and does it need irrigation? Is it a weed that should be removed? Discover how these elements are coming together at Wageningen University’s Farm of the Future with the farm’s manager Koen Klompe also a practical researcher on sustainable arable farming.

What can you expect?

These events follow similar virtual gatherings hosted earlier this year for alumni in the Nordics, Spain, France, Germany, East USA/Canada & West USA/Canada. Here are some comments from participants:

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating, getting to meet others in my area, and meeting everyone else from across the eastern-half of North America and NL!  It was a great escape from current times with stay-at-home orders, and not being able to travel. I look forward to participating again in the future”

"Thanks very much. It was a very good experience to be able to link up with a group of people with the same background, same interest in France. Hope we will have more often such an opportunity! The event was well organised, dynamic and participative."

Join the event 

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Please note that we have a maximum capacity for this activity – if necessary a waiting list will be created.

If you are unable to participate but would still like to stay up to date of the events in your country please also use the registration form.

* Federation of Technical Universities in the Netherlands (4TU)

** The Dutch Engineers Alumni Network of UTwente, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, and Wageningen University & Research  launched its activities in 2014 and now has active communities in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Nordics, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.