Rob Legtenberg new Director NanoLab at MESA+

From 1 January 2024, Rob Legtenberg will hold the position of Director NanoLab at the MESA+ Institute. With Rob's appointment to this new position, MESA+ is working on further improving the (inter)national position of the NanoLab and shaping the future of groundbreaking research and innovation.

Strengthen the position of NanoLab

Timo Meinders, Managing Director MESA+: ‘We welcome Rob as the new Director NanoLab. Rob did his promotion at the University of Twente, and after his PhD, he started an impressive career for 20+ years at Thales. With his vast experience in nanotechnology, production technology, process optimization, proven managerial skills, and knowledge of both the UT and industry,  Rob will make a valuable contribution to fit the MESA+ NanoLab for the future.

I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Rob to strengthen the position of NanoLab on a national and international level.’

Close the loop

Rob started his career at UT in 1986 as a process engineer in the field of micromechanical systems in the Sensors and Actuators laboratory. Rob: 'Now - almost 40 years later - the unique opportunity presented itself to close the loop and combine scientific research with my industrial knowledge and skills.

The opportunity to work with the NanoLab team and stimulate technology and business development in collaboration with partners, spin-offs and companies that use the NanoLab is a wonderful challenge. I look forward to contributing to the further development and expansion of the NanoLab  infrastructure and ecosystem (including Chip Tech Twente) towards the future.'

About MESA+ and the NanoLab

MESA+ develops ground-breaking nanotechnology that contributes to solutions for actual societal challenges. Driven by their fascination with the smallest possible scale, the researchers build materials and components that provide sustainable and unexpected solutions to many of these challenges. They lead to lower use of raw materials and energy. They also lead to more human-friendly, less invasive medical technology. They lead to radically new solutions for our digital society.

At MESA+, around 500 researchers initiate, emerge and develop key enabling technologies on the nano- and microscale with a focus on developing new materials and devices in the fields of advanced materials, quantum, (integrated) photonics, microfluidics, microelectronics, sensing and actuators. MESA+ is home to the state-of-the-art NanoLab with a 1250m2 cleanroom and an area of 1000m2 containing specialized analysis equipment for research groups and industry. Read more about the NanoLab on our website.