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Lecture Science Cafe: Quantum Computer from Twente

Last week, Jelmer Renema and Cas Damen (Saxion) gave a very interesting and lively public lecture about quantumcomputing, at the Science Cafe in Concordia in Enschede. Watch the lecture here. 

Quantum mechanics is almost impossible to understand: try to imagine a switch that is on and off at the same time! Dr Cas Damen (lecturer Nanotechnology Saxion) took the audience into the wonderful world of quantum mechanics and talked about its applications. Dr Jelmer Renema (UT associate professor at AQO and Chief Scientist QuiX Quantum) built a quantum computer from Twente, that is now the standard in Europe. He showed how to turn photons into qubits and how to calculate with them, and told about the success story of Quix Quantum (UT spin-off)