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The most advanced lab-source XRD

X-ray diffraction application specialist dr. Fernando Rinaldi from Bruker AXS in Karlsruhe, Germany, visited the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology from October 18th – 22nd, 2021.

Together with Yorick A. Birkhölzer, PhD candidate in the Inorganic Materials Science group at the University of Twente, he tested various next-generation X-ray optical components and performed a major software upgrade, allowing for more rapid data collection for all users.

With its unique design based on a high brilliance rotating anode microfocus generator, hybrid (focusing-parallel) Montel optics, and a hybrid photon counting large area detector, the machine in Twente is the most advanced laboratory-source thin film micro-XRD tool worldwide.

Currently, measurements can be performed with an X-ray beam size of 20 micrometer. With future upgrades based on the prototype components tested here on site, the spot size could be even further reduced to just 10 micrometer – setting a new record.

The picture shows Yorick (left) and Fernando (right) in front of the tool in the X-ray lab NL 1021.

For more information on the tool, please contact Prof. dr. ir. Gertjan Koster (g.koster@utwente.nl)