Fundamentals of Nanotechnology (FoN)


A new edition of the workshop "Fundamentals of Nanotechnology" is coming up, and this time it is going to ONLINE !!!

25th, 26th, and 27th of January 2021 (online, each morning from 9 to 12.30/13.00 hrs)

This is the 15th edition and about 500 people have participated this workshop before you.

This course provides a first introduction with the complete scope of what nanotechnology is about. The workshop is set up for graduate students (both MSc and PhD) and postdoctoral fellows with a training in nanotechnology, electrical engineering, applied physics, chemical or biomedical engineering or any other applied science and who are starting to work or are currently working in the field of nanotechnology.  In this 3-day workshop we will offer you lectures on the basics of nanotechnology, and subjects related to the nanotechnology research done at the MESA+ Institute, organized along the 3 application areas: Health, ICT and Sustainability. Additionally lectures on technology venturing, societal embedding and risk assessment are included.  Unfortunately this time there will be no lab-tours. The third day is more focused on how nanotechnology is entering the market. A number of companies will present themselves and discuss how they translated results from nanotechnology research into business.

Registration is open now.  Please visit our website regularly for the most recent information.

Please do not wait any longer and make sure you register. When you are registered, we will send you the credentials to access the online platform. 

Martin Bennink
Coordinator Workshop Fundamentals of Nanotechnology / 
06 23 22 08 82