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Demo symposium by Organ-on-Chip Centre Twente Hosting Micronit and Bi/ond

There are currently many exciting activities happening in the Organ-on-Chip community at University of Twente. We would like to invite you to the Organ-on-Chip Centre Twente Demo Symposium. Join us for the opportunity to listen to two speakers from two national companies and catch up with your colleagues working on Organs-on-Chip. After the symposium, there will be a moment for demonstrations by the companies over drinks. 

Date: 21 May 2024
Time: 14:00 - 16:30 h 
Location: symposium in Auditorium (TL 1133), Technohal, demo in Atrium, Technohal

We are very happy to announce the following two researchers from two national companies who will speak on their work with Organ-on-Chips:

  • Sandro Meucci from Micronit

    Micronit is the leading global contract development and manufacturing partner of microfluidics-based products. They enable products in life science and health applications.

    Micronit is a trusted leader in high-quality microfluidic solutions. Their specialized team empowers clients to bring innovative products to market in life science and healthcare with cutting-edge technology and personalized support.

    "At Micronit, we see that micro- and nanotechnologies have an enormous impact on improving healthcare. Together we create impact with life changing products. Founded in 1999, the company has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality products for customers worldwide. Micronit's products are used in a variety of applications, including life science and healthcare. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing the best microfluidic solutions to its customers."

  • Nikolas Giao from Bi/ond

    Bi/ond was founded to empower biological innovations through the use of engineered microchips. 

    Bi/ond is where biology meets engineering. Intimate working relationship with biologists helped realize the supportive role engineering can play in generating reproducible and accurate biological models. This is how bridgea are build between biology and engineering – through the combination of our in-depth knowledge of microelectronics and experience with biological solutions.

    "Bi/ond is a biotechnology start up, established in 2017. We provide tools to some of the top European hospitals and collaborate with a myriad of technical institutes and research centers to help them advance in their biotech research. Through the use of our technology, we also empower organizations with valid alternatives to the use of animals in testing. The possibilities of using tissue slices for culture, and develop 3d perfused models in our organ on chips contribute to the 3Rs guiding principles – replacement, reduction, refinement – of animal use, and a future where an animal free research is more achievable."


13:45-14:00h: walk-in in Auditorium, Technohal
14:00-14:45h: Sandro Meucci from Micronit
14:45-15:30h: Nikolas Gaio from Bi/ond
15:30-16:30h: demos from both companies in Atrium over drinks

We hope to see you on May 21!

Best regards,

Andries van der Meer & Liliana Moreira Teixeira (Scientific Leads)
Sanne de Wit (Programme Manager)