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MESA+ colloquium

On April 17th, 2023 there will be a MESA+ colloquium organized by the UT Solar Center. Lecturer will be Prof.dr. Bryce Richards (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). Title of his lecture is “Design rules and performance of luminescent solar concentrators for building integrated photovoltaics”.

This presentation examines the application of luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) for building integrated photovoltaics (BPIV) with two possible implementations being considered: i) opaque façade elements and ii) semi-transparent window elements with ~50% visible light transmission. The results presented are based on a large number of ray-tracing simulations and are conducted to illustrate the technical challenges to maintaining efficiency when scaling LSCs from the typical lab-scale devices (<25 cm2) to pilot-scale (1000 cm2) and ultimately commercial-scale (10 m2) BPIV elements. The economics of integrating semi-transparent LSCs as window elements will also be covered.