UTMESA+ InstituteEventsNEM Cluster colloquia - Soft X-Ray Metrology at ASML (Frank Schuurmans, ASML)

NEM Cluster colloquia - Soft X-Ray Metrology at ASML (Frank Schuurmans, ASML)


Soft X-Ray Metrology at ASML


Frank Schuurmans, ASML


Metrology is becoming more and more important to validate the every smaller features that are being printed in semiconductor lithography. As such, ASML is exploring several different candidate technologies to continue to extend the metrology roadmap. One of those is Soft X-Ray Metrology, i.e. metrology based on short wavelengths (in the range of 10 to 30 nm), which has the potential to overcome shortcomings of the traditional optical metrology that currently is widely employed in the industry. In this colloquium, I will present the current status of the SXR metrology developments at ASML.


Frank Schuurmansis Vice President and Head of Research at ASML. Research operates globally and serves all ASML Business Lines.

At ASML: Frankmost recently served as Head of System Engineering from January 2018 until February 2021. Frank has a diverse experience within ASML R&D showing from earlier responsibilities: Head of Research (2015-2018), Head of D&E Performance and Integration (2014-2015), Head of D&E BL DUV (2012-2014), and Department Manager D&E Overlay and Focus (2011-2012).

Between 2007 and 2011, Frank worked at FEI, where he was initially responsible for their high-end electron microscope development program. Overtime he became responsible for both the low-and high-end development program, as well for the R&D organization of FEI in Netherlands.

Frankstarted his career at Philips, initially in the USA, in 2000, where he did Research on various physics/optics related topics, for Philips Lighting, ASML, Philips Optical Storage, and FEI.

Frank obtained his master’s degree in Physics from UtrechtUniversity in 1995 (Cum Laude) and received his PhD in Physics from the University of Amsterdam in 1999. Frankholds over 40 US patents, with a focus on (electron) optical solutions for lithography and metrology.