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Lecture by Dr. Peter Erk (Vice President BASF, Head of Optoelectronic System research Germany)

Time: 11.15-12.15 hrs.

Location: ZH 286

Title: "Chemistry for Electronic Devices - looking back and forward"


The presentation will give an overview about the development of organic semiconductors, device technologies and business models within BASF throughout the last decade. It will cover aspects of display, solar cell and sensor technologies as well as the business trends in these areas. End of 2018 BASF implemented a new strategy for sustainable, carbon neutral growth. This goal requires breakthrough solutions in a number of technologies which are related to a consequent use of renewable energies.


Peter Erk studied chemistry at W├╝rzburg university where he obtained his Ph.D. working on Organic Conductors in 1989. After a postdoctoral stay at Stanford University he joined BASF in 1991 spending his entire career in various functions within BASF's research divisions. Currently he is head of Optoelectronic System research at BASF. He is leading a global interdisciplinary project team working on the development of new materials and advanced devices for electronic and opto-electronic applications. He is author and co-author of more than 80 scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters and he contributed to more than 50 patents.