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Organization & Governance


advisory Boards

  • Scientific advisory board

    The scientific advisory board assists the MESA+ management in matters concerning the research conducted at the institute and gives feedback on the scientific results of MESA+.

    Members scientific advisory board

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  • MESA+ board

    The MESA+ Board consists of the MESA+ Scientific Directors and Full Professors, representing an area of expertise or application area. The board advises the Management Team on strategic and scientific matters and meets 5 times a year (January - March - June - September - November).

    Members MESA+ board

    prof.dr. J.J.L.M. Cornelissen (Jeroen)
    Soft and Biomaterials
    prof.dr. D. Lohse (Detlef)
    prof.dr. W.L. Vos (Willem)
    prof.dr. J.G.E. Gardeniers (Han)
    Devices P.P.C.C. Verbeek (Peter-Paul)
    Responsible Research & Innovation B. Nauta (Bram)
    Nano for ICT A.J.H.M. Rijnders (Guus)
    Scientific director, Functional Materials, Nano for Sustainability, Materials UT program A. van den Berg (Albert)
    Scientific Director, Nano for Health, Sensing UT program
  • MESA+ Inspiration Board

    Members MESA+ Inspiration board M. Odijk (Mathieu)
    prof.dr. S.M. García Blanco (Sonia)
    Photonics D. Fernandez Rivas (David)
    Devices, Sensing
    dr. A. Marin (Alvaro)
    Fluidics W.M. de Vos (Wiebe)
    Membranes M. Huijben (Mark)
    Materials F.A. Zwanenburg (Floris)
    dr. V. Magnanimo (Vanessa)
    dr. K. Broersen (Kerensa)