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Individual programme

It is possible to compose an individual programme. This means that the student assembles his own master programme from elements from any programme to be found at any University. The program will have to be offered for approval to the Board of Examiners of the regular programme that is represented best in the proposal.


  • the request for an individual programme should be offered to the Board of Examiners six months after the start of the master’s programme at the latest.
  • the total number of ECs should be the same as the standard programme;
  • it should contain clear goals and aims;
  • a final thesis is compulsory;
  • the academic level of the proposed programme should be equivalent to the level of a regular programme.
  • the Electrical Engineering Board of Examiners will only consider the proposal if at least 20% of the elements of the proposed programme are from the Electrical Engineering programme.
  • a study-plan should be made;
  • staff members (from UT and/or other universities) should be mentioned.
  • For more information please consult the study advisor.