General Information

Interaction Technology is a diverse study consisting of six pillars that shape the multidisciplinarity of the Master study. By focusing on Technology, Humans and Context, Research, Design, Storytelling, and Entrepreneurship, students can develop their own professional identity. Some students choose to focus on the computer science elements in the Technology pillar, whereas others aim for the Design and Storytelling courses. There are many possibilities!

This page will provide information on the courses of Interaction Technology (and how to choose them), the pre-master of Interaction Technology, the procedure for the internship, studying abroad, and the final project. In case you have any other questions about Interaction Technology, do not hesitate to contact the programme coordinator, Josca van Houwelingen-Snippe. 

Josca van Houwelingen-Snippe
Programme Coordinator

Room: Zilverling, ZI-1054