Students in the first year of the programme will have a regular lecture hall, where most of their classes will be held. At times when no classes are scheduled in the first year lecture hall, students can use the space to study or meet with project groups. The following rules apply:

  • Scheduled classes and other educational activities always take priority
  • Phones and laptops are to be switched off during classes unless the instructor states otherwise
  • Instructors can request that students arrange the lecture hall tables and chairs in a specific way (eg. For a lecture, practical, exam, or project fair).
  • Clean up after yourself and return dishes to the cafeteria.


Besides their regular lecture halls, students can also study and meet their project groups at the tables located in the Horst hallways and basement, in the cafeteria, and the area outside the StudIO. Be considerate of your peers by cleaning up after yourself when you use a study space.

Individual and group project rooms can be reserved in the University library, located in the Vrijhof, and in various other locations around campus. Reservations can be made via theĀ webroombookingsystem.