Regulations covering use of the lockers in de Oosthorst

ID students are provided free lockers in which to store their educational materials. Users should comply with the following regulations:

  • Students may only have the use of one personal locker.
  • Lockers can only be used during the teaching period of one month. The teaching period is from the Kick-in till half July.
  • They are not available during the summer holidays, due to maintenance activities.
  • The locker system uses data that are stored centrally. Using the locker means the user agrees with this arrangement.
  • The lockers may only be used for educational purposes.
  • The lockers are fitted with a power supply. This may only be used for charging a mobile device such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. If a student is found to use the power supply for anything other than its intended purpose, they will automatically lose their right to use a locker.
  • You can use a Locker also with an app (Releezme)
  • If your student card has been blocked (for instance if you have given up your course), the app will not work either. You should therefore clear your locker before you officially terminate your course.

Abandons study and/off cancelling locker

  • If a student abandons their course, the locker must be cancelled and cleared. Follow the instructions on the terminal for cancelling the locker.
  • If a locker is not cleared in time by the user, any valuable items (information carriers, wallets etc.) which were left behind will be stored at the Servicedesk de Horst for one week. After that period, the information carriers (phones etc.) will be taken to LISA, any other items (clothes, etc.) will be removed after 1 year.

Unlawful use

  • Any damage to the lockers shall be recovered from the user of the relevant locker.

Questions or problems

  • Any problems concerning locker use may be reported to Servicedesk de Horst. ¬†
  • The University of Twente may amend these regulations at any time.