All ID students are expected to have their own laptop. The Notebook Service Center has a number of laptop models available for purchase each year, which are discounted and include free tech support at the Notebook Service Center. If you choose to purchase a laptop elsewhere, check beforehand to make sure it complies with the set system requirements. Students will rely heavily on their laptops for their studies, and an internet connection is essential. On campus, students can connect to the university Wi-Fi network. Electrical outlets are available in the lecture halls, lockers, and various other locations throughout the Horst.


All students are give access to an ICT account at the start or their studies. This account is used to gain access to the university Wi-Fi network, the FTP server, Blackboard, OSIRIS, and their student email. Your ICT-account is composed of a username ( ‘s’ followed by your student number) and your password, which you will be required to change periodically. You received your username and password by mail after being accepted to the UT.

All university and faculty emails will be sent to your student email, so check it frequently! Use your student email when contacting instructors, the faculty or the university. Only emails sent to and from your student email are considered legitimate by the exam committee.

See the ICTS website for information about changing your password, your internet connection, or installing your student email on Outlook.


You can use the Xerox printers in the hallway to print. You can install these printers on your laptop. See the Notebook Service Centre website for a step-by-step guide.

For more specialized printing tasks (posters, reports, nice paper etc.) students can go to the campus Xerox copyshops, located in the Bastille and in the hallway between Carré and the Waaier. ID students will periodically be expected to print materials for courses or projects (posters, flyers, reports etc.). Unless specifically stated otherwise in the project or course syllabus, the cost of printing is not covered by the ID department.


The ID programme maintains a student portfolio server on which ID students receive space to publish their own portfolios online. The space each student receives is intended for personal use only, and is intended as a way for students to present the work they have done as part of their studies. Keep in mind that the content published on the portfolio websites goes online, for which reason confidential content (associated with the company for which the bachelor thesis project was completed, for example) may not be published to the portfolio website. The ID programme will block such content. After registering, students will receive an email with a username and password, which will allow them to log in to: