Examination Board Gezondheidswetenschappen and Health Sciences

The Examination Board Gezondheidswetenschappen and Health Sciences has been set up for theĀ bachelor's degree Gezondheidswetenschappen and the Health Sciences master's degree.

The Examination Board is the body that determines objectively and expertly whether a student meets the conditions set by the education and examination regulations with regard to the knowledge, skills and attitude required for obtaining a degree. To this end, the Examination BoardĀ supervises the construction of the testing and assessment system and compliance with the procedures and regulations regarding testing and examinations. It is also the body where students can submit requests and appeals about testing, examinations, study planning and everything related to it. Requests and appeals about testing can only be submitted via the web application.

The education and examination regulations (OER) as well as the Rules and Regulations of the programme and the internal rules of the Examination Board can be found here.