Incentive fund

The UT Incentive Fund is a small fund, created and financed by UT. Its aim is to help female staff develop and/or accelerate their careers, and achieve their professional ambitions. If you a female staff member who has the ambition to move up to a position in the “talentpool”, the subtop or at top level, the UT is keen on supporting you.

For who?

Support staff and science staff (excluding PhD candidates).

For what?

In the past, following proposals were accepted:

  • Courses or coaching for personal or professional development.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for getting international experience and/or building an international network, e.g. conferences or research visits.
  • Facilities to write a grant proposal or work on a publication.
  • Replacement constructions (fte’s) for educational assistants or student assistants

Read more about the application and requirements on incentive fund's website.

Marina van Damme Prize

Marina van Damme prize (Universiteitsfonds University of Twente) for a successful alumna of the university. Since 2010 it is called the Marina van Damme Scholarship.

For who?

Marina van Damme prize is meant for successful female alumni of the University of Twente, Technical University of Delft or Technical University of Eindhoven. For our university it means that you have to hold a master degree and/or a doctorate degree obtained at University of Twente.

For what?

The scholarschip is intended for giving a "nudge" to take a new step or a new direction in the further development of a career of a candidate. It is not meant for funding a PhD. It is intended, for example, to increase knowledge or an international orientation in the form of a study programme, internship or project.

Read more abot the application and requirements on the Marina van Damme prize website.

Professor de Winter prize

Professor de Winter prize (Universiteitsfonds University of Twente) publication price for female talent.

For who?

The goal of the prize is to promote the female scientific talent at the University of Twente: female lecturers employed at the UT. 

For what?

The prize is an award, with no specified goal.

Read more about the application and requirements on the Professor de Winter prize website.

OTHER Prizes and scholarships

L’Oréal - UNESCO international fellowships program fellowships for women in life sciences.

Catharine van Tussenbroek fonds (in Dutch) scholarships for female scientist to travel abroad.

KNAW Merianprijs (in Dutch) prize of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences for excellent female scientists.