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Incentive fund

The UT Incentive Fund is a small fund, created and financed by UT. Its aim is to help female staff develop and/or accelerate their careers, and achieve their professional ambitions. If you a female staff member who has the ambition to move up to a position in the “talentpool”, the subtop or at top level, the UT is keen on supporting you.



The UT Incentive Fund is open to both female support and science staff aiming for a higher position (talentpool, subtop, top) at UT. Excluded are PhD candidates (the department in question is to provide for their personal development). In case the applicant has a temporary contract, there should be a guarantee of at least a year of working at UT. 


  • Talentpool: Scale 10-13 with managerial tasks, except head of department
  • Subtop: head of department
  • Top: scale 14 and higher


  • Talentpool: Assistant Professor, Lecturer 2, Researcher 2
  • Subtop: Associate Professor, Lecturer 1, Researcher 1
  • Top: Exec. Board, Dean, Director of education / research, Department Chair, Professor

To give you an idea, a selection from the proposals that were accepted in the past:

  • Courses or coaching for personal or professional development.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for getting international experience and/or building an international network, e.g. conferences or research visits.
  • Facilities to write a grant proposal or work on a publication.
  • Replacement constructions (fte’s) for educational assistants or student assistants


  1. An application letter, in which you describe your motivation and ambition to gain promotion. You state which position you have at the moment and what gaps your CV shows that inhibit promotion.
  2. A clear plan or project proposal, that explains what steps need to be taken and how these will contribute to your development (What do you need to close the gap?) It should be likely that the promotion is made within a reasonable time path, see also 4.
  3. A full CV (max 5 p)
  4. A letter of recommendation of your superior, including a time-path for possible promotion. e.g. because at (sub)top-level a colleague will retire / be promoted within 2 years, or from a strategic staff planning perspective it makes sense to prepare an internal candidate, should a (sub)toplevel staff member leave the group or UT.
  5. The grant proposal is max 2 pages and includes a short CV and a list of activities and a detailed budget. If applicable, please include any other specific budgets you have to support your career development, e.g. for attending conferences.

The following should be noted:

  1. Applications involving extra money for current projects (like equipment, or research material) will not be honoured, for these activities do not contribute to the individual applicant’s development and should be provided by the department.
  2. The budget must be spent to the direct benefit of the applicant.
  3. The maximum amount allocated per person is € 7500.


Closing date for proposals in 2016:

Tuesday, September 13 (9.00hrs)

The decision-making on the applications takes about 6 weeks: First, the Ambassadors’ Network assesses the applications and prepares an advice to the executive Board (approx. 3 weeks later). Next, the Executive Board’s decides on the Network’s advice on a Monday, (approx.3 weeks after that).

Applications can be submitted to the attention of mr. H.W.H.M. van der Zandt, secretary UT Incentive fund.

Click here for the format for your grant proposal.

A copy of the application should be sent to the HR-manager of your school:

Marina van Damme Prize

Marina van Damme prize (in Dutch) (Universiteitsfonds University of Twente) for a successful alumna of the university. Since 2010 it is called the Marina van Damme Scholarship.

Professor de Winter prize

Professor de Winter prize (in Dutch) (Universiteitsfonds University of Twente) publication price for female talent

Prizes and scholarships

KNAW Merianprize

KNAW Merianprijs (in Dutch) prize of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences for excellent female scientists.

Loreal International Fellowships Program

Loreal international fellowships program fellowships for women in life sciences}
Catharine van Tussenbroek fonds (in Dutch) scholarships for female scientist to travel abroad