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FFNT workshop “Leadership and Communication” with Scott Solder

28 November 2019

Time: 8.45 to 12.15 hrs.
Location: Room Reactor in Building The Gallery

Leadership is – quite rightly – a big subject. Good leadership is about bringing people with you when you take the lead. People follow good leaders because they want to, not because they feel they should or because they think something bad may happen if they don’t. This workshop will give an insightful overview on different topics:

The Leadership Mindset

How you see yourself v how others see you.

Motivating Others

Identifying people’s preferred communication styles and adapting your own as appropriate

Influence v Persuasion v Coercion. 

Problems v Solutions - and Taking Ownership

The ‘problem frame’ v the ‘solution frame’. Practising the ‘solution’ mindset and encouraging it in others. Techniques to move from problem to solution. 

Giving Feedback - and Difficult Conversations

Giving and receiving feedback with positivity, informed by a constructive mindset. Techniques to prepare for difficult or uncomfortable conversations - and a useful template to conduct them.

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