Workshop Difficult People: Tuesday April 21th

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting you to a workshop on:

“Dealing with difficult people”

by Linda van der Wal

on Tuesday 21 April from 13.30 till 17.00 hrs.

in building Drienerburght

Do you know them too? Difficult bosses, co-workers and other people who are hard to deal with?

As much we would like to avoid them, sometimes we have to deal with them in order to reach our goals. Generally that is rarely easy. In addition, the gender issue and the academic context also bring in special challenges. But fortunately, it can be managed.

During the workshop we will explore several types of difficult behavior in people. And more important, we will experiment with strategies to deal with this. In order to achieve this and make it realistic we will work with an experienced actor (Joost Dijker). The theoretical background of this workshop comes from the work of William Ury, member of the Harvard Negotiation Project. His strategy to force a breakthrough in five steps will prove to be a helpful tool in dealing with work situations.

At the end of this workshop you will know how to handle yourself when these challenges are put before you.

Linda van der Wal is a trainer and coach. Communication and personal effectiveness in the workplace are her field of expertise. Her approach is practical and evidence-based. She specializes on gender issues and has a lot of experience in the inner workings of academics. She is author of the book Old habits, good intentions (only available in Dutch: Oude gewoonten, goede voornemens).

Ms. van der Wal provides training at the UT (University Twente), in cooperation with Mrs. Brouwer. More information on

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Kind regards on behalf of the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT),

Angelika Mader, chair

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FFNT aims to support the professional development of women in academia and to provide a network for sharing and exchanging experience. It develops workshops and lectures specially for women and also organises activities aimed at women jointly with PA&O (whose activities are otherwise gender neutral).