Student mobility (EN)

Partner universities

In order to allow students to go to other partners for courses, a so-called 'bilateral agreement' needs to be in place. Without such agreement, students are typically required to pay tuition fees to the university of choice, even though tuition has been paid to the University of Twente. More information regarding the pros and cons of going to a partner institution as well as the different types of agreements we currently have, can be found in Chapter 4 of the Study Abroad Manual.

In addition to the overview of partners as given in de sections below, you can also use the search portal of Mobility Online. This portal lists all the UT partners currently defined within Mobility Online. For each partner information is given regarding the international website, procedures, deadlines, etc. The level of detail of that information might differ per partner.

Partners inside the EU

Click here to go to an overview of all Erasmus partners of the Faculty of Engineering Technology , as currently available in the application software Mobility Online. With each partner a so-called 'exchange agreement' is agreed on. A few notes:

  • For internships & research assignments you do not need to choose a partner university, this is only relevant for 'Courses abroad'!
  • The 'x' in a programme column indicates that the concerned educational programme participates in the exchange agreement
  • Some agreements are shared with other faculties (i.e. the number of places can still vary)
  • Some agreements are part of a special exchange programme, in particular the ECIU TWIN programme (indicated in the last column)
  • Quite some agreements are currently in the process of being extended. At this point it cannot be guaranteed that they will be extended, hence the word 'tentative' in the final column. 
  • At the UT there are always negotiations going on with new partners. It is therefor possible that new partners will be added to the list in the (near) future.
  • If you have questions about the list, please check out the FAQ if your question is answered there.

Latest update: 17 Jan 2018

Partners outside the EU

Click here to go to an overview of all non-EU partners of the Faculty of Engineering Technology , as currently available in the application software Mobility Online. With each partner a so-called 'exchange agreement' is agreed on. A few notes:

  • The exchange agreements with non-EU partners can be divided into three groups:
    • (I) - the first group contains the so-called UT-wide agreements (see also the non-EU partners at the International Office study abroad website). As places with these partners are quite limited, students need to be nominated by us for the central draw by International Office; read more about the selection procedure in chapter 5 of the Study Abroad Manual.
    • (II) - the second group contains agreements which are shared by different faculties. The available places are divided among those faculties in another draw.
    • (III) - the third and final group contains the agreements with the faculty of ET only.
  • For most of the non-EU partners the number of places available varies per year, hence the number of places shown in the table might not be the final numbers for next year.
  • For some contracts the process of extending is still going on, hence the indication 'tentative'. It might be that these universities will be removed from the list.

Latest update: 17 Jan 2018.

ECIU TWIN programme

The University of Twente is partner of the ECIU Twin Programme Mechanical Engineering together with: 

  • University of Stavanger
  • University of Aveiro
  • Kaunas University of Technology
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey 
  • Linköping University

Within this programme the partners have agreed to offer specific exchange packages to participating students. This limits perhaps the choice you have in the selection of courses, but you are assured of a coherent set of courses. Every partner of this programme has up to four exchange places available per semester (Stavanger participates in fall semester only). For more information visit the website.

If you are interested in participating in the ME TWIN programme, please indicate this in the Remarks field of the Application form for Courses abroad!

Double Degree

Currently the University of Twente has two Double Degree Programmes for Mechanical Engineering. For more information about these programmes, please click here.


How about going for a Summerschool? Do check out the deadlines for application, and see your exchange coordinator in case you need a nomination.

  • 10-15 SEP 2018, Technical University of Łódź: Urban Laboratory
  • 08-22 SEP 2018, Charles University (Czech Republic): Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads: Building up open structures or breaking down into local identities?