When you decide to come to the university for a period of study abroad, you will have to select courses to take during your stay here. We expect students to take 15 EC each quarter, resulting in an academic year of 60 EC*.

We realize that a lot of students are looking at a study-abroad period during the bachelor phase. As our own BSc programmes are primarily taught in Dutch, we allow exchange students to select courses from our MSc programmes, under the condition that they meet the subject-specific requirements. To make this process easier for all involved, we have put together some recommended course packages.

Exchange study packages

We have developed 2 exchange study packages. These packages are based on a specific theme, and have a nominal study load of 30 EC (1 semester). The courses are all part of the regular study programme at the university, but chosen to reflect one theme, and to fit together in the course schedule. The following packages were created:

Advanced Product Development
Marketing & Design of (consumer) Products.

Recommended course combinations

We have put together some courses that work well together in the schedule and that are often selected by students, organized by study programme.

Civil Engineering / Construction Management and Engineering / Civil Engineering and Management

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Design Engineering

The two exchange study packages:
Advanced Product Development
Marketing & Design of (consumer) Products

* EC = European Credits. Read more.