Currently we're hiring Early Stage Researchers (PhD's) for the vacancies in the programme. If you want to apply, go visit the vacancies page.

September 1st  2016: official start of the programme.

March 2018:  Summer school: Thermo-acoustics and combustion dynamics in aero gas turbine engines (University of Twente)

September 2018: Workshop A: Machine Learning, Combustion and Acoustics in aero engine combustors (University of Cambridge)

March 2019: Workshop B: CFD for spray flame simulations (CERFACS)

September 2019: Workshop C: Entrepreneurship, ethics, intellectual property rights and management (Technische Universität München)

March 2020: Workshop D: Measurements of spray flames in aircraft type combustors. (Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie)

September 2020: Symposium: aero gas turbine engine Combustion Dynamics and Acoustics: Prediction and Remedy (General Electrics/ Technische Universität München)