Magister Project


registration for the Summer School and Workshop is now open.

- Workshop on Probabilistic Machine Learning: 19 -21 September 2018 (Cambridge, UK)

- Summer School on Thermo acoustics and combustion dynamics in aero gas turbine engines: 24-27 September 2018 (Cambridge, UK)

- Magister Consortium Meeting: 28 September 2018 (Cambridge UK) (Magister participants only)

Aviation industry encounters currently the fourth industrial revolution: cyber-physical systems analyze and monitor technical systems and take automated decisions. This industrial revolution is known as “Industry 4.0” in Germany and “Industrial Internet” in the USA. An essential enabler of the fourth industrial revolution is Machine Learning.

The H2020 Marie Curie International Training Network MAGISTER will utilize Machine Learning to predict and understand thermoacoustics in aircraft engine combustors, and lead combustion research a revolutionary new approach in this area. The project will shape early career talents in a network of world-leading scientists and industrial partners to work on one of the most severe design issues in aviation technology in the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution.

The participation of the major aircraft engine OEMs GE, Rolls Royce, Safran ensures industrial relevance and outreach of the results.