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TValley Tech Conference on 15 June 2022 Autonomous Systems & Unmanned Robotics

The annual TValley Tech Conference is on 15 June! Let's dive into the fascinating world of robotics, AI and mechatronics again. Last year almost 300 engineers gathered for an inspiring afternoon. This year, all day long, you can gain new knowledge, connect with technological companies from the region and meet new talent.


Our central theme this year is: Unmanned Robotics Systems. We will discuss the developments of the last few years and, of course, the possibilities of the future, some of them developed today by TValley partners. Enjoy in-depth knowledge sessions, prepare to be blown away by real-life demonstrators and allow fellow engineers and entrepreneurs to impress you.

4 reasons why you don't want to miss this

  • About 8 interactive sessions about, among others, unmanned agrobotic systems, Internet of Things, AI on commercial drones, smart model based systems engineering, mass flow control and synthetic data for machine learning. Experts of our own TValley partners will host these sessions, share their knowledge and present use cases.
  • Keynote and inaugural lecture “Unmanned Robots as Humans” of Abeje Y. Mersha, professor Unmanned Robotic Systems at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.
  • Demonstrations of mind-blowing technology at our business fair.
  • Many opportunities to meet regional frontrunners, passionate engineers, talent and potential cooperation partners!

For whom?

Be there if you are an entrepreneur, professional, researcher or student in the field of robotics, mechatronics or artificial intelligence. Don't forget to share the event with your fellow technicians.


Event | TValley Tech Conference 2022
Date | Wednesday the 15th of June
Time | 9:30am – 5pm
Place | De Grolsch Veste, Enschede
Main language | English


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TValley Tech Conference on 15 June 2022 Autonomous Systems & Unmanned Robotics