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Will you start in the Master EST in September 2020? Then please read this!

ATTENTION: introduction MASTER EST- 25 AUGUST 2020


If you start the Master programme EST in September 2020, you are expected to be present at the EST Introduction on Tuesday, August 25th.

This EST Introduction is not offered only to those who are new at the UT, but also to those students who completed their bachelor’s or pre-master’s programme.

Your presence in the afternoon is obligatory. There will be a presentation on the content of the master’s programme, the courses and the final project. The aim is that you make a selection of the elective courses that you want to take, and by the end of the day register these in an individual study plan. That is why it is necessary for you to be there.

Besides that, it is also a nice opportunity to meet your fellow students in the master’s programme.

So therefore, mark this Tuesday 25 August in your calendar. You will receive an invitation with more information.