Energy and education at the University of Twente

Future engineers will need to focus on developing and improving renewable and sustainable (industrial) technologies. Any new developments need to comply with ambitious EU targets for 2030 on climate change, process efficiency, and safety. Therefore, in many bachelor and master programmes of the University of Twente energy plays a major role.

The University of Twente has a special MSc programme developed in the area of energy transition: the MSc Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) program. Building on our unique High Tech Human Touch philosophy, the MSc Sustainable Energy Technology aims to help our students to become an authority both in technology and in the implementation of the technology-driven change in energy markets, anywhere in the world.

Post-master program

The University of Twente has also developed 2-years post-master programs to integrate academic research in a professional context, while providing education in a range of related subjects: Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng). The PDEng programme in Energy and Process Technology focuses on creating technological solutions for products and processes in the energy and the process industry. The programme is based on functional and market based requirements and focuses on quality, environment en sustainability. During the programme, results are transferred into technological innovation in industry and society.