Research projects Richard J. Boucherie

Current research projects

  • 2017 Operations Research “from blood withdrawal to first results” in the routine 24/7 clinical chemistry laboratory
  • 2016 Healthcare in a clean environment
  • 2015 Optimisation in health care 
  • 2014 Charactering the performance of high-dimensional random walks
  • 2014 Dynafloat: Dynamic urban traffic flow management using floating car, planning, and infrastructure data
  • 2014 Deploying security measures to intercept multiple simultaneous threats

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Completed research projects

  • 2013 Multi appointment scheduling in health care (Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis)
  • 2012 Optimisation in health care (HagaZiekenhuis)
  • 2011 Multi appointment scheduling in health care (AMC, Amsterdam)
  • 2011 INTEX: Interference Exploitation in Wireless Networks
  • 2010 RRR: Realisation of Reliable and secure Residential Platforms
  • 2008 LogiDOC: Logistical Design for Optimal Care
  • 2006 QNOISE: Queueing Networks of Interacting Servers
  • 2006 Optimisation of queues in health care
  • 2004 Easy Wireless
  • 2003 Quality of Service in Personal Networks at Home
  • 2003 BRICKS - PDC2: Quality of Service in Communication Networks
  • 2001 Beyond 3G: Building Expertise Yielding Outperforming Networks Derived from 3G
  • 1997 Stochastic network analysis for the design of self optimising cellular mobile communications systems

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