On this page you can find short descriptions (and links to the webpages) of the members of the academic staff and the PhD students.

Academic staff


Prof. dr. Richard Boucherie 
Room ZI-4025
Phone (+31)534893432

Probability theory, queueing theory.
Communications, transportation and healthcare


Prof. dr. Nico van Dijk
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895466

Queueing networks
OR and simulation

Dr.ir. Aleida Braaksma
Room ZI-4013
Phone (+31)534896471

Dr.ir. Erik van Doorn 
Room ZI-3062
Phone (+31)534893408

Markov chains, birth-death processes and quasi-stationary distributions

Dr. ir. Jasper Goseling
Room ZI-4015
Phone (+31)534893369

Fundamentals of wireless communications, information theory, queueing systems


Dr. Maurits de Graaf 
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895468

Complex networks, applied probability, energy minimization in networks, spatial stochastics


Dr. Nikky Kortbeek 
Room ZI-4054
Phone (+31)534895414

Strategic planning in health care

Prof. dr. Marie-Colette van Lieshout 
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534895647

Spatial statistics, stochastic geometry, image understanding, simulation based inference

Dr. Tekie Leonida 
Room ZI-4029
Phone (+31)534894029

Prof. dr. Nelly Litvak 
Room ZI-4031
Phone (+31)534893388

Complex networks, ranking algorithms, applied probability, queueing systems, health care logistics

Dr. Jan-Kees van Ommeren 
Room ZI-4003
Phone (+31)534893465

Stochastic models of logistic systems


Dr. ir. Werner Scheinhardt 
Room ZI-4011
Phone (+31)534893832

Fluid queues in a random environment with applications in telecommunication systems


Dr. Judith Timmer 
Room ZI-4009
Phone (+31)534893419

Applications of game theory in logistic systems
Cooperatives games (with random payoffs)

Dr. Ir. Maartje van de Vrugt 
Room ZI-4013
Phone (+31)534895451

Appointment schedules in health care

Dr. Ir. Maartje Zonderland 
Room ZI-4050

Appointment planning in healthcare
Optimization of healthcare processes using medical device data

PhD students

P:\EWI\sor\Photo's\pasfotoos 06-10-2011\Xinwei.jpg

Xinwei Bai, MSc
Room ZI-4058
Phone (+31)534893442

Ingeborg Bikker, MSc 
Room ZI-4006
Phone (+31)534895418

Optimal Logistic Design of Multidisciplinary Care Pathways

Jasper Bos, MSc
Phone (+31)534897461



Sem van Brummelen, MSc 
Room ZI-4006
Phone (+31)534895432


Anne Buijsrogge, MSc 
Room ZI-4054
Phone (+31)534893421

Efficient simulation of non-Markovian queueing networks

Drs. Stijn Heldens 
Room ZI-5698
Phone (+31)534895698

Pattern Recognition in Spatial-Temporal Graphs

Corine Laan, MSc 
Room ZI-4058
Phone (+31)534895441

Deploying Security Measures to intercept multiple simultaneous threats

Gréanne Leeftink, MSc 
Room ZI-4006
Phone (+31)534892881


Anna Oblakova, MSc 
Room ZI-4050
Phone (+31)534895968

Maarten Otten
Room ZI-4050
Phone (+31)53489

Joost van Sambeeck, MSc 
Room ZI-4058
Phone (+31)534893434

Thomas Schneider, MSc 
Room ZI-4050
Phone (+31)534895527



Berksan Şerbetci, MSc 
Room ZI-4054 
Phone (+31)534895417

Improved performance by network coding

Willem van der Sluis, MSc 

Anomalous decisions emergence system

Shiya Wu, MSc 
Room ZI-4006
Phone (+31)534898939

Appointment schedules in healthcare



T. Kamphuis-Kuijpers (Thyra) 
Room ZI-4023
Phone (+31)534895538