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'Dynafloat: Dynamic urban traffic management using floating car, planning, and infrastructure data'

This research project is part of the Dynafloat project funded by the Top consortium for science and innovation (TKI) and the Netherlands organisation for scientific research (NWO), call for proposal on sustainable logistics 2014. Dynafloat focuses on logistics and mobility, and seeks to reconcile economic, social and ecological objectives. That is: transport and logistics should be maximally efficient, with minimum delay and limited adverse impact on the environment (carbon and particle emission, noise). In particular, we focus on the use of massively available planning and floating car data in addition to data from road side equipment, to enable dynamic control of both freight and passenger flows. The position deals with developing brand new analytical models for the dynamic traffic control (at the tactical as well as operational level) through road infrastructures and based on the three sorts of input data, mentioned before. The models will be rooted in a queueing-theoretical approach combined with methodologies from stochastic operations research. In addition to the model development and optimization, we will investigate the impact of reserving specific corridors for freight traffic in urban areas, e.g., reserving specific lanes or adding specific stretches in the network to be used exclusively by freight trucks or shared with public transport. The companies that you will get in touch with in the project are ARS Traffic & Transport Technology, De Verkeersonderneming Rotterdam, Stichting Sensor City Assen, and Infostructure.

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