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INTEX: Interference Exploitation in Wireless Networks

Interference Exploitation in Wireless Networks (INTEX), funded by NWO, Physical sciences.

Concepts and results from mathematics have profoundly impacted networking, ranging from results in graph theory, to queueing theory. Past efforts have been based on an underlying point-to-point channel model. While this model has served wired networks very well, it is not the most appropriate for wireless networks. The wireless medium behaves very differently due to interference, leading to broadcast and superposition effects. Recent advances in network information theory have provided new techniques to deal with interference. For networking, a particularly promising approach permits to transmit functions of information packets (such as their mod-2 sum) much more efficiently than the full information. In this project, we investigate how to include this new technique into the big picture of networking protocols and to analyze the resulting performance gains.

TU Delft
EPFL (Switzerland

January 2012 – December 2014