UTQ graduation ceremony

On Wednesday the 31st of August the UTQ graduation ceremony of the EEMCS faculty took place. An opportunity to congratulate and celebrate with the following 13 lecturers that obtained their UTQ in the last year:

Tugce Akkaya 
Dipti Sarmah
Nikolaos Alachiotis
Nicola Strisciuglio
Hendrik Folmer
Kuan Chen
Geert Folkertsma
Utku Yavuz
Felix Schwenninger
Wallace Corbo Ugulino
Valente Ramirez Garcia Luna
Jeroen Klein Brinke
Yanqiu Huang

After three engaging talks by Tugce (from UTQ to Teaching Fellow), Kuan (how to complete the UTQ trajectory in 7 months) and Wallace (vision on UTQ and education in general) they received congratulations from Vice-dean of the EEMCS faculty, Arend Rensink, in presence of EEMCS colleagues and the UTQ supervisors. The meeting was closed with (more than enough) refreshments. We wish all the UTQ graduates all the best in their future educational careers!

The next ceremony is being planned for March 2023. We will inform you in time of the exact date and hope to see you there!


Vice-dean of Education: Arend Rensink