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New exchange agreement with Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC) is one of the top universities in Latin America and has an exceptionally strong mathematics department. Cristóbal Guzman moved recently back to PUC and we have several past and ongoing collaborations. Their master mathematics has moreover a similar structure as our applied mathematics master. 

These close connections make the PUC a natural partner for the UT. Recently a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and an exchange agreement have been signed waiving fees for UT students who want to study for up to one year at PUC. For students working on a master thesis, there are no language requirements. For coursework, B2 level Spanish is required. 

Please make the possibility of studying at PUC known to potentially interested (future) master students. For details, they should contact Johannes Schmidt-Hieber (a.j.schmidt-hieber@utwente.nl). It would be fantastic if we can get this student exchange running. The plan is to broaden this partnership by applying for EU funding.