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Introducing Corona Committee on Education

We are working hard on how we can offer high-quality distance education as soon as possible. Important criteria in this respect are to continue the academic year as much as possible according to schedule and to minimize the chance of study delay.  To this end, the Corona Committee on Education (CCOW) has been brought together. This committee advises the Central Crisis Team (CCT) and, if necessary, implements after approval has been obtained.

How is the committee organised?

The committee has identified five work packages, each with a vice-dean of education as the point of contact and a team of experts from the UT to work on them. The packages are:

  1. Online Education - focuses on the development of a central approach to providing education online and its consequences for, for example, practicals, graduation colloquiums, and work placements. Ciano Aydin (BMS) is the point of contact. 
  2. Online Testing - focuses on a central approach to online testing that is AVG-proof and safe online. Stephan van Gils (EEMCS) is the point of contact. 
  3. Welfare Students - pays specific attention to the impact of the current situation on student welfare and focuses on good communication and other measures to monitor student welfare. This work package is fully integrated with the already existing project team for the University Plan Student Wellbeing. Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen (ET) is the point of contact. 
  4. Central regulations concerning study delay - focuses on how existing regulations concerning study delays, such as the BSA and the BSc/MSc separation, may need to be adjusted and what additional agreements are needed. Freek van der Meer (ITC) is the point of contact. 
  5. Dealing with attainment targets - focuses on the impact of the current situation on the attainment of the programme aims and the alignment of examination boards. Nieck Benes (TNW) is the point of contact.

In addition to the vice deans Education and Thom Palstra as chairman, the committee consists of two students, Jan-Laurens Ladonder (LISA), Hans Oeloff (CES/HR) and colleagues from Strategy and Policy, General Affairs, and Marketing & Communication. The committee meets digitally several times a week to discuss the national and CCT decisions and their follow-up. Also, the signals from the organisation are shared and addressed during this meeting.


Communication: e-mail is the most important channel

A lot of things are being taken care of right now. Therefore, we are not going to communicate every aspect directly, that would create an information overload. Should news come out, we will inform you via central communication channels (UT-mailing, FAQ on the website). Unless something specific applies, the committee will approach all directors of education with its own mail. We do this when there is news and not on a regular basis. We strive for a maximum of two e-mails per week.