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Appointment of the new chair of the EEMCS Examination Board

Anton Stoorvogel has been appointed as the new chair of the EEMCS Examination Board with effect from September 1, 2018. He succeeds Arend Rensink who has been appointed programme director of Computer Science as of September 1st. 

The EEMCS Examination Board is the largest examination board at the UT and is subdivided into various subcommittees: the programme-specific subcommittees (OXIES) take care of individual cases from the corresponding programme while the subcommittee for general affairs (AXIE) coordinates the work and sets uniform rules for the whole faculty. The daily management of the EEMCS Examination Board is in the hands of the chairman. Starting this fall, the chairman will be supported in his duties by an executive secretary who will perform secretarial duties as well as develop policies regarding quality assurance. 

The EEMCS Examination board aims to develop a more proactive approach to guarantee the quality of all forms of examination and to stimulate the development and professionalization of the Examination Board and its registry.

We wish Anton Stoorvogel well in his new position.

The Faculty Board