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'Wall of Fame' for PhD graduates UT

PhD graduates of the University of Twente will write history from now on. They already do that with their thesis, but after successfully defending it, they can now put their signature on the wall of the ‘PhD room’. Through the years, a collection of illustrious names will be on the wall. Ed Brinksma, former Rector, and Mirjam Bult, Vice President were the first two.

In the ‘promovenduskamer’ or PhD room, the candidate makes his or her last preparations for the defense of the thesis, like getting changed to the formal dress code of the ceremony. These can be stress moments, so at some universities this room is called the ‘sweat room’. From now on, this room, situated in the Waaier building, will be a historic place as well: after a successful defense of the thesis, the PhD can put his or her signature on the wall. The beadles of the university, Antoinette ten Veen and Wim Koehorst, initiated this after they’d seen it at other universities and after enthusiastic comments of PhD students. Wherever there career takes them, they are still, in a way, present in this room.

Mirjam Bult, Vice President of the university, did her PhD in 2003. The PhD defense of Ed Brinksma, former Rector, dates back to 1988. They were the first to put their signature on the wall, soon followed by the first ‘new’ PhD, Richte Schuurmann.

If you did your PhD at the University of Twente in the past, you’re also welcome to put your signature on the wall. Please contact the beadles for this using the email address

ir. W.R. van der Veen (Wiebe)
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