Work at the Radio Systems group crosses traditional borders between subject areas like electronics and computer science. If you are an enthusiastic student looking for an assignment in a challenging environment, then our group is the place to be! 

Ongoing and completed projects:

Offset Tolerant Hybrid Demodulator

In his Bachelor project, Torben de Vries focused on improving the performance of an offset tolerant hybrid frequency/phase demodulator in presence of a very large frequency offset. His project can be used to reduce the transmitted energy in Ultra-Narrowband communication used in Low Power Wide Area Networks for IoT applications. Torben won a promotional prize for his Bachelor thesis.

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Characteristics of Radio Signals Scattered from Urban Building

In this project Arjen Velkers investigated the spatial and frequency coherence of NLOS urban channels for lower band 5G communications. The results of his research porivdes insights to a realistic critial urban channel which is required for designing optimal 5G radio systems. Arjen's won promotional prize for his Bachelor thesis.

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Enhancing channel robustness of a Terabit-class optical feeder [Photo: TNO]

TNO develops terabit-class optical feeders with ESA and industry partners like Viasat and Airbus. Current optical feeder link designs assume a single aperture with a single beam. Using multi-TX (uplink) or multi-RX (downlink) promises to enhance the robustness of the communication link. In this Master assignment (with TNO) Tara van Abkoude focuses on how to enhance the robustness of optical feeder links with MIMO.

Measurement-based deterministic modeling of radio-human interaction

In this project Meghashree Srikantaiah Manjesh re-evaluated the accountability of using cylinder to simplify human geometry with homogeneous dielectric parameters. The modeling was performed using uniform theory of diffraction at sub-6 GHz and 20 GHz bands. 

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Currently available projects:

In RS group, we always have a number of BSc. and MSc. assignments available, either directly in our group or in cooperation with industry.  

The table below groups currently available assignments into three main focus areas (signal processing, propagation and antenna design) as well as three main applications (communication, localization and sensing). To view the assignments associated with each category, click on a corresponding icon in the table. Links to the complete list of assignments can be found  below the table. 

Can't find what you are looking for? RS members are always open for discussion, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Complete List of Assignments:

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