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Innovative Educational Grant Awarded for Pervasive Computing Jeroen Klein Brinke and colleagues have been awarded the “Innovate & Share It” grant

Jeroen Klein Brinke, Rob Bemthuis, and Paul Havinga have been honored with the ‘Innovate & Share It’ grant from EEMCS (https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/news/2024/2/1316964/educational-innovations-at-eemcs-in-2024).

The grant supports their innovation project, “Pervasive Computing for Societal Impact: Fostering Personal Development through the Fusion of Academia and Entrepreneurship”. This initiative is a pilot project designed to enhance students’ personal growth and broaden their future opportunities.

The project introduces a novel structure within the master’s course Pervasive Computing, offering two distinct tracks: Academic (A) and Entrepreneurial (E). Students are given the freedom to choose their path at the onset of the course. While both tracks share a common core curriculum, they diverge in areas of personal development. The anticipated outcomes include empowering students to tailor their learning experience to align with their interests, effectively bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship. This innovative approach aims to inspire students to leverage technology for societal good while pursuing their personal and professional goals.